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America needs heroes. A host of heroes at that. Growing up as a child much of our imagination was stimulated by those who could do the things that we couldn’t. The value of a 50-cent comic book produced million-dollar ideas worth billion-dollar dreams. Heroes capture our doubts, fears, insecurities, and impediments. They stand as buffers and layers of protection against a hostile world that we often seem so vulnerable. Emotionally and psychologically, heroes must exist for us.

For the second half of the 20th century, comic book heroes took down Nazism, those polluting the environment, crime bosses, and other sinister elements of greed, corruption, and global domination. To understand what was going on in the world, simply follow the adventures and exploits of any character.

Those of us who came of age in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, we internalized these characters. Some may be able to remember the real-life adaptation episodes of Wonder Woman, Captain

America, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider Man from those decades. Although in comparison to today’s computer-generated imagery and special effects, those shows now seem rather cheesy and primitive at best. However, they contain an element of innocence as well as bravado for their day and time. We carried those heroes as well as she-roes through the decades into adulthood.

As nostalgia is bliss, we now get to revisit those of our youth with the current youth. The 1980’s gave us after school gems such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man, and a host of others. Now, with state-of-the-art cinematic technology, iconic characters come to life in real life action block buster films which have evolved into sequel franchises.

People need to see the everyday man or woman who despite their many flaws can do exceedingly great things beyond the realm of most people’s abilities. They give motivation and in the case of Tony Starks/Iron Man, they serve as technological inspiration and development. Unfortunately, no one has been able to transform a Delorean into a time machine in order to obtain a bygone fountain of youth and transport it to the current. However, the best way to hold the invincibility, the twin sibling of youth, in a bottle is to purchase a Marvel edition Invicta watch.

Oh, to be kid again, with professionalism, class, and prestige. It has been said that you can either have a well-crafted timepiece, or you can have a cost-conscious watch. However, you can’t have both. Invicta has done it again with their well-crafted and designed, as well as successfully promoted Marvell edition watches. They represent the big boy in us that never grows old. I recently went into a local TJ Maxx during the current COVID-19 and spotted a nice assortment of INVICTA Marvel edition pieces. Invicta’s STAR WARS campaign pieces will sell for quite some time. With the catalog of Marvel character films being released in the near future, Invicta’s collaboration with the comics icon will become collector’s items for years to come.

I found myself stuck in a dilemma. The Iron Man watch grabbed my eye first. The gold trimmed crimson hints of sense of regality. Then there’s the iconic Iron Man Mask. You also get a sense that


watch technological capabilities as if designed from the labs of Stark Industries itself. The watch carries the tone and personality of the Iron Man character. Its rugged, but sophisticated while still appealing to the swagger of the character. Its youthful, but not childish.

Next up, the Sentinel of Liberty himself, Captain America. For those of us that are old enough to remember that God awful 1979 live action television movie, Captain America wasn’t always sexy. The 1979 Saturday Night movie was cheesy to Star Wars Holiday Special proportions. But forward forty years and two generations later, what a difference a leading male actor, multi-million-dollar

budget and special effects make. The contemporary Captain America makes being patriotic sexy. Just like Iron Man, the Captain America edition comes with a variety of styles. All models feature the red, white, and blue color scheme. There are a host of blue rubber bands, as well as silver gun metal bands. The watch faces come with a host of artistry. The common feature is the star & shield.

Now you may not have billionaire Bruce Wayne’s money, but for a retail price of $250, you can get a stainless steel metallic black Batman edition with the iconic Batman logo

center face. Current Invicta owner Victor Lundy received a chrome version recently for his birthday. Also available in men’s, is the Wonder Woman edition. Gal Gadot is super hot. And the closest most of you reading this will get to having her wrapped around your arm, are one of these watches. Some styles are all solid silver. However, several styles more feature the traditional red, white, and blue scheme and the Wonder Woman logo.

Another colorful line is Invicta Spider Man. Some will agree that Invicta’s different editions of Spider Man are the highest quality and best designed. However, the red and blue color combo hints of somewhat childish, thus less professional. Also, the different models that feature a spider web makes the face crowded and takes away from the designs. Now, the ones that feature Spider Man’s face, are the best.

In 2018, Marvel Comics made cinematic history with the release of the blockbuster hit, Black Panther. Movie goers wore traditional African garb such as the traditional

Dashiki. Seemingly, everyone was

bitten by the Black Panther bug. From t-shirts to Halloween costumes everyone wanted memorabilia and collector’s items. What could say Wakanda more than an Invicta edition Black Panther watch? In the traditional character colors, it says power, cool, suave, rugged but yet so professional.

What can say masculinity more than an “S” on one’s chest? The Superman models capture the

personality of the Man Of Steel to the letter, literally. The Silver stainless steel band with the iconic “S” on the face says hero all day long. It's an

iconic classic, which explains its higher price than other character watches. Just like its Spiderman counterpart, it too comes in traditional red and blue color scheme, but it doesn’t look like a child’s toy. This is perhaps because the color scheme is lessened by the metallic band, thus “steel”.

Invicta has put out a host of fine watches from Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, The US Army, Hard Rock, Romero Britto, and the

NFL for high end collectible and limited-edition watches. Recently, Invicta and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal entered into a multi-year partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) for Shaquille O'Neal. The agreement includes a new line of watches designed by Shaquille O'Neal exclusively for Invicta. The brand has done a superb job at marketing and merging with other iconic brands and figures. The evidence is obvious in its cross appeal as well as its bottom line.

As previously stated, America needs heroes. Particularly we need those of our youth that capture strength as well as innocence. There’s a kid inside of us all that never dies. That kid inside likes to laugh, play without ceasing, throwing caution to the wind in order to build a lifetime of memories. It feels good to know that either you can save the world or at least you’re cool with those who can. It has been said that you can either have a well-crafted timepiece, or you can have a cost-conscious watch. However, you can’t have both. I was faced with a challenge. Was it going to be Iron Man or Captain America? I got both....

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