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She Said YES ! - Wings Of Love


Its been said that Paris is for lovers. For Tim and Tinnikka Jones, they learned first hand and it didn't take a French Kiss to sway there opinion. Last year the couple traveled to France to put some stamps on their passports and miles on their souls. Why not savor such sentiments for a lifetime? In October of 2012, the two of them met. In 2014 The Detroit native decided that a lifetime wasn't enough. Eternity is what he desired. Simply put, he asked and she said......YES !!!

Tim Jones is a self described man that loves the Lord. A family oriented man that loves his beautiful wife and daughters. Looking back over the year, Tinnikka reflects of him, I am sooooo proud of my husband. I am his #1 fan, cheerleader, supporter and friend! He completes me, challenges me and makes me better! I love you Tim Jones!!! I wouldn't trade you for the world. At a time when relationships, marriages, and families worldwide are being tested, this exciting couple is still moving forward and caressing life as much as each other.

If music is the the international language, well love is the lifeblood. Even in the vent of a marriage ending in divorce, former spouses still light up when the reminisce over the sentimental marriage proposal. However, when travelling abroad for either the proposal and/or wedding there are several things one must consider.

For starters, given the rate of theft that takes place in airports and hotels worldwide, you might want to seriously take into consideration whether or not you want to propose and marry with a real ring. Do you want the hassle of going through customs with a ring, giving the "blood diamond" issue? If you're taking the real thing, it would be a very wise decision to ensure that it is insured – either within your usual travel insurance, or on a policy of its own.

Second, chose a hotel that has a safety deposit box. For added protection, chose a hotel with a high degree of securing high value items that offer access by yourself and high level management. This minimizes the number of hands that would have access to even potential theft.

If you're travelling by private/chartered flight, then you won't have a problem. However, flying commercial, pack the engagement ring in your carry-on luggage, to avoid it going missing or being delayed in your hold luggage. Another practical but effective measure would be to place it in a non-jewelry box and mark it, "Engagement ring".

Third, as the old adage goes, "location location location". This will be as detailed as selecting the ring itself. You'll want to pick out a destination that is cost conscious given you'll have wedding expenses eventually. You'll want to pick out a destination that highlights your relationship.

For somethe ideal location would be in Spain during the annual running of the bulls. For others it would be the iconic backdrop of the London Bridge or Big Ben. Others who have an Indiana Jones or Laura Croft interest of finding lost treasures or civilizations, scenic destinations such as in the Amazon Basin or resorts that feature lost Aztec or Mayan structures or even those in distant East African countries. Okavango Delta, which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and the home of a variety of wildlife, the Kangumene Rock Engravings showcase the country’s rich cultural

history with a variety of rock paintings from the Khoisan communities that inhabited the area. These paintings date back to primitive man.Then there is the Isimila Stone Age Canyon Site. It is a historically rich archeological site that is located outside of the town of Iringa. Archaeologists have found tools, stone artifacts and bones in a dry bed that was once a shallow lake from what they believe were from the early hominoids that occupied the area. For other adventure seekers, there are a host of other overseas destinations that promote marriage proposal themes such as the Australian outback, races in Monaco, LeMans, and Rally Finlay.

But for the romantic at heart, majestic and breathtaking natural scenery from Ireland to where Vikings once ruled, to the passionate waterways of Italy, and the golden

embroidered soul and national tapestry of India are ideal for the creation of matrimonial memories. The world is a big place, chock full of hidden jewels and gems. It becomes even bigger when you chose to share it with someone. The memories will live after we're long gone. This August, the Jones' will be celebrating six years of happy marriage. Invest in a lot of miles on your marriage and enjoy the ride.....

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