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Stranded Abroad - Captured by Corona

Currently several Americas are stuck abroad. Mehndi Jager and her husband Jordan have been stranded in Peru for two weeks. In a CNN appearance, she expressed strength but often sheds tears desiring to get home to see her three children. "We are living on faith right now". Thanks to modern technology they are able to Facetime their children and family. She's spoken with Peruvian officials as well as the US Department. In a statement from the US State Department, working in conjunction with the US Embassy in Lima, Peru there will be concerted efforts to lift the Jordan's as well as other Americans left stranded in Peru. However, the borders are closed and flights are not leaving. There have been several false alarms about leaving but as of yet, the Jordan's are still in Peru.

Currently, there are several hundred Americans stranded in Morocco such as Gayle Guynup. On March 14th, The Moroccan government issued the order to suspend all international flights. The following Monday, she rushed to the airport to reschedule as did thousands of other international travelers. Th same day, Morocco, which hosts around 12 million tourists annually, ordered all hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers to close. Morocco currently has 37 coronavirus cases and one related death. According to Guynup, the majority of Americans stranded with her are above the age of 60. Currently Guynup is living off of the hospitality of local Moroccans.

Rhonda Klein, 62 year old lawyer from Atlanta is part of a group of 12 Americans stranded in Marrakessa said that she and at least one other person she was with had a preexisting health condition and require medication that is difficult to obtain in Morocco. Initially she could not get any help from the State Department has not been of any help,” Klein, a lawyer from Atlanta, said Tuesday. “Not only can no one tell us anything, but what we do get told is conflicting information.” Nine Democratic members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday urging that “Americans overseas should have full confidence that the State Department will support them when abroad and facilitate their

efforts to return to the United States if they are seeking to evacuate.” She was eventually able to board a plane to Brussels on March 18th. On the 17th, Guynup and at least 80 other Americans walked to the U.S. Consulate to ask for a meeting, which they were denied.

Michelle Wilson Ross and eight of her friends traveled to Morocco and with the exception of one friend, they were able to make in out of Morocco just as the ban was being enacted and enforced.She got on a standby out of Morocco the previous night and slept in the

Paris airport. She boarded a flight to JFK the next day. For the eight women, Morocco was amazing. They spent three days in a Riad in Marrakech. Three days in Essaouria at a gorgeous resort and one night camping in the Sahara. They stayed at the Savoy Le Grand in Marrakech.

Latarche Collins took to social media in a plea to be released from Peru. In a frantic post, she wrote, "Please help me contact the US Embassy in Peru so they can help get me home. My VISA expires 03/28 and my tix home (03/25) is useless due to the Peruvian National Emergency grounding planes until April.". I am currently in Lima ( I will PM you exactly where upon request). I would appreciate it everyone would write a note on my behalf. Perhaps, they will see me if they realize the amount of support I have. PLEASE HELP GET ME ON ONE OF THOSE EMBASSY FLIGHTS LEAVING LIMA!." After a successful letter writing campaign, Ms Collins was cleared and released by the Peruvian government and left on a flight Friday night of the 20th. In these trying times, we have to close ranks and come together as a global community and help and pray for each other.

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