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She Said YES !...TWICE !

On December 6, 2019 Joseph Arnold married UAB college sweetheart Evelyn Ufomadu, for the first time. Evelyn, who's a practicing attorney is of Nigerian heritage wanted to

have a wedding that honored her Nigerian heritage and family as well as that of western tradition. The way to honor both sides of the Atlantic, the couple decided to have two weddings, one to celebrate that of Evelyn's Igbo ancestry in Nigeria, and that of American tradition for Joseph.

On Friday December 6, well over a hundred guests consisting of family, friends, college friends including fraternity brothers (Omega Psi Phi) and sorority sisters (Alpha Kappa Alpha), and co-workers convened to watch the two become one, in accordance to Igbo tradition. Joseph and his groomsmen sat with counsel to negotiate the proper bride

price or dowry with Evelyn's father. After the agreed upon dowry and favored and encouraging words by Mr. Ufomadu, the exchange of vows commenced. Guests were treated to traditional Nigerian foods and danced to traditional Nigerian music.The next day, the wedding party reconvened to have a traditional American wedding.

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