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In Our December 2019 Issue !

December will be an exciting issue highlighting a host of issues, events, personalities, locations, and items for the coveted December issue ! This issue will showcase the top 15 gifts for the holiday season. Just in time for the latest release in the Star Wars installment, Invicta Watches - Star Wars edition, holiday cigar smokes, the top holiday travel

Destinations, and holiday shopping and hotel safety, the top ten luxury automobiles of 2020, and when Hollywood Goes to War which will critique the release of the motion picture - Midway. Also December will feature financial empowerment for the year 2020 - The Year of Financial Vi$ion. In this segment, we will address capitalizing on tax liens, acquiring property, investments, the right time to purchase an aircraft, banking, first time home buying, and the importance of maintaining good credit. A host of other financial factors and issues will be addressed.

A wide range of aviation will be addressed in this issue that will be chock full of important information and eye candy for the aviation pilot, novice, and enthusiast. Stay tuned and be enlightened as we bring in 2020 full throttle!

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