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Travel Insurance - Plane Safe

In today’s fast paced, and often evolving real time world, anything can happen at any time. From sudden inclement weather to terrorism, to international grounding of flights due to aircraft mechanical failures and airline passenger medical scares such as the Ebola outbreak in 2013, travel insurance is a great thing to have. Now to the less than frequent flyer, travel insurance may come off as an unnecessary expenditure. But for the well traveled, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

For those with pre-existing medical conditions, travel insurance is a great asset. According to Bob Chambers who is the Operations Consultant at Generali Global Assistance, “The Financially prudent thing to do is to buy insurance when you have money at risk. If you buy nonrefundable airfare, your money is at risk right away.” The best time to buy insurance is when you purchase you ticket. Too little too late will cost you.

Some of the top reasons for buying travel insurance are cancellations and pre-existing conditions. With international travel on the sharp rise, this is a major reason to buy insurance. Let’s say for an example, you’re overseas in a country with an unstable government and a coup takes place. Or simply the airport is not on par with many major international airports. Perhaps the most common issue, visitors simply lost their passport and are unable to leave the country requiring additional time to remain in that country. Perhaps a delectable dish in the host country didn’t set right with your digestive system. You may have to be airlifted to a better equipped hospital, or the only hospital a thousand miles away with an English speaking doctor. In this event, travel insurance is a life saver in and of itself. For students travelling and studying abroad this is a must.

Usually, Americans when travelling abroad tend to stand out, thus being easy targets for theft. After all, travelling to such a distant land is a clear indication that you had the financial means to do so. In the vent that your money, credit cards, and travelers checks are stolen and you are without a means to operate monetarily in the host country, travel insurance alleviates that burden.

If flight cancellations for whatever reasons is the flu, lost luggage is the common cold and very easy to catch. In your luggage were necessities such a medication. How will your meds be replaced, including valuable items and clothing? Especially if they’re lost for good hence damaged/stolen? Travel insurance is the ultimate answer.

There are plenty travel insurance companies to choose from. Choosing the right one for you is the challenging task. The largest travel insurance company is Allianz Global Assistance. Because of the size of the company, they can offers plans for as low as $23. For 2019, the top 10 travel insurance companies are: 1) Travel Insurance, 2) Generali Global, 3) Travelex 4) Roamright 5) World Nomads 6) Allianz Travel, 7) AXA, 8) Med Jet, 9) INF, 10) Aardvark.

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