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A Long Time Ago....

Star Wars is by far the most merchandise marketed movie ever. Its characters are memorable, even for those that have never watched the movie that reinvented the way science fiction movies are made.Now, novelty watches are no longer for kids. Ask any beholder of a classic Mickey Mouse watch. Star Wars with Invicta to bring its legendary characters to a galaxy and wrist near you. Whether you are a Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, or Rebel Invicta has something you. For about $300, these just might be the droids you're looking for such as the iconic Laurel and Hardy of the galaxy, R2-D2 and C3-PO.

Now these are not just novelty watches that satisfy a recent movie goers excitement. These are collection items that can easily serve as heirlooms to be passed down the generations to the future unborn Jedi, rebel x-wing pilot, Imperial storm trooper, or bounty hunter. What is so unique about this new line of Limited Edition Star Wars watches by Invicta are the often overlooked but intriguing characters such as Greedo (model #27236).

Hands down the most lucrative Star Wars character in the history of the entire Star Wars franchise is that of Darth Vader. Despite the sinister persona of the once heralded hero Jedi, Darth Vader merchandise has sold more than any other Star Wars character. This is evident with the limited edition Darth Vader 180 count white diamond, black stainless steel Darth Vader model #27164. For a nice Palpatine price

of $10,295, you can be the envy of Mos Eisley and will never underestimate the power of the Force. Throw in another $1195, you can get a metallic gold version of Han Solo in frozen carbon (model #327301). This unique Invicta also comes in a silver version as well as alternate versions with a leather band. With the Han Solo Invicta edition, why not also go for the Millennium Falcon piece (#26599) for $1395 and the Chewbacca metallic gold band. With this collection, you will have a smuggler's appeal to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

Perhaps the most colorful collection is that of Jango and Boba Fett. These stylish editions make being a treacherous bounty hunter a Jedi assassin seem fashionable. The royal blue and silver, as well as burgundy and green color schemes seemingly are more appealing than the more heroic characters. With plenty to chose from, my favorite is that of the Jango model #28059, and Boba Fett model #28059 for a mere $1195. You will have to collect a handsome bounty on the heads of many for these. Yet another interesting edition are those of the Tie Fighter Stormtrooper and Imperial Guard. Wearing the Crimson Red, these guards were definitely silent but extremely deadly. But the most menacing watch is that of Darth Maul . He makes the dark side of the force seem vogue and rogue simultaneously.

Complimenting the double bladed Sith are those menacing Storm Troopers who seemingly show up uninvited like ants at a picnic. Mysterious as they are menacing,many a fan has always wondered who were under the shiny white helmets. The craftsmanship as well as theatrical designs offered by the Star Wars Edition even makes the bad guys seem cool and must haves. Invicta offers several styles of Storm Troopers. From those of the original trilogy as well as those of recent franchise installments. Featured is model #26203.

Clearly these watches are for the more mature Star Wars collector. Each watch is detail crafted with Invicta's meticulous engineering. Each characters' onscreen personality is intricately reflected in every model. These watches are very much iconic as the characters themselves. For those who grew up collecting the action figures and comics, these characters are ideal for adult who chooses to swim in the ocean of nostalgia coupled with high end

fashion. These watches are ideal not just for the next Star Wars convention, but to be shown off at the board meeting and executive gathering as well. Whether you identify as a rebel, Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, droid or agent of the empire, you'll embody galactic style and class this side of Mos Eisley. Unlearn what you have learned, as Yoda would say. Price matters not. Whether you're a seasoned fan,or just becoming one, these watches speak to not just nostalgia, but the sophisticate of science fiction cinema. Collect several of these iconic timepieces, and May the Force Be With You Always.....

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