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Well Ain't That A.....

Sometimes, life sucks. After enduring a meandering line of organized confusion, what could suck worse than the rabbit hole of hell called TSA check in? Watching your luggage get soaked amid torrential downpour and there's nothing you can do about it. That's when you begin to ask, "what all did I pack in that case? What time does my flight land and will I be able to get to a Wal Mart nearby for clean and dry clothes. Is there even a Wal Mart nearby?". Ask Paul Lambert, he knows. As a broadcast engineer, living life out of one suit case to the next, Paul Lambert has just about seen it all. Watching your luggage soaked for minutes forces you to develop a new found respect and love for clean underwear, if you didn't already. Who knows how one's luggage is handled once its out of sight. Ask anyone who's ever had things turn up missing they probably have an idea what does. Looking out the window onto the concrete slab of what known as Runway 6/24, there's no need for raging anger. Just sit back and enjoy the ride because whining will not save you.

There are ways to remedy this situation, but just like everything else in capitalism, it's gonna cost you. I recommend the Seahorse SE1220 series to prevent such unforeseen circumstances. For about $225.00 you can ensure that your luggage will arrive at your next destination dry and intact. Seahorse is perhaps an industry standard because they provide quality cases for a host of industries regarding flight shipping, from military and law enforcement to media equipment.

They were established in 2001 for improvements in plastic engineering, manufacturing, management and consulting roles for several major US and International OEMS and custom molders. The goal was to fulfill an industry need by establishing a successful sales, manufacturing and distribution company to represent the very best protective storage equipment of superior quality and performance.

Well into our own second decade, we are known across a myriad of industries for our unique ability to provide the simplest to the most complex custom case engineering solutions. Our customer base includes local, state, federal government agencies, defense contractors, universities, Fortune 500 companies, OEMS, and even underwater robotics competitions.

Upon arrival at one's destination, no one has to be burdened by having to dry there clothes. Now Seahorse Protective Equipment is not the only grade A protective luggage on the market. For perhaps an easier tote bag handling I also recommend brand such as Patagonia and Henty.

Now the price will be nearly the same but its easier to grab and go. However, Seahorse does offer many of its cases with a pull handle. However, the Seahorse can handle ocean submersion then I would rate the Seahorse as the prime choice. If space and weight are major issues, then of coarse Henty and Patagonia which are more for outdoors and camping. Now many great waterproof luggage brands can be found right under your nose at local household stores such as TJ Maxx and Burlington, not to mention Dick's, Bass Pro Shops, Target, and Wal Mart. But depending on what you are carrying will dictate which brand you purchase and where. Life often comes at you hard and fast so you have to be prepared for it. despite the experience, when in doubt, FLY BHM....

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