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There's Safety In The Clouds

To many, manned flight is still a mystery, thus intimidated and frightened of it. The big question is, what if it crashes? Because when aircrafts do crash, they tend to generate a media frenzy with constant coverage. Furthermore they are rare which adds to the mystique as to why planes crash. Even with the Miracle On The Hudson feat, people mostly who’ve never flown, still remain quite antagonistic of air travel.

There were thirty four reported air crashes in 2016. Although there were more crashes in 2016 than the previous year, there were however fewer deaths. The deadliest crash was that of La Mia Airlines Flight 2933 en route to Medellin Columbia killing 71 members of the Brazilian soccer team. EgyptianAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo crashed into the Mediterranean killing 62 people on board. The total number of aircraft deaths for 2016 was 235. A total of 471 passengers died in 2015. The worst crash of 2015 was in St Petersburg Russia when 224 passengers aboard a Metrojet flight perished. The second worst crash in 2015 was when Andreas Lubitz, the first officer on a Germanwings flight committed suicide by crashing into the French Alps, taking 149 passengers with him.

In 2016, more than three billion people flew globally. Out of over three billion, only 235 died. For every death more than 12.5 million have flown safely. Statistically it is safer to fly than travel by automobile. More people die on trains, buses, motorcycles, watercraft, and even bicycles than air travel. As a matter of fact, more people die within the four walls of their own home, particularly stairwell and bath tub accidents.

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